Project Description

Allure Beaute is a local Salamander Bay beauty salon specialising in all natural treatments and providing a relaxing environment for all.

The original Allure Beaute website was created several years ago and was part of an overall branding exercise with new logo, matching business cards, gift vouchers and price lists. The project brief was centered on the need for an online booking system as a result of a survey of the client’s customers.

In 2019 the client decided on a style change with a new look for the salon and engaged a graphic artist to create new price list and logo.  We incorporated these elements into the website and changed the colour scheme. We updated the content and re-designed the layout for a fresh look.  We also sourced new stock images to blend with the new look. The booking system that we originally implemented has proven to be robust and has been continually updated with additional flexibility by the creators.

We continue to maintain the site for the client.

New Re-designed Website

The Original Branding Examples