Project Description

FernAir Pty Ltd, a well known Newcastle air conditioning installation business, came to us with a major problem.  Their website had been hacked and the site was attempting to load malicious code onto every visitor’s computer.  Nobody had been monitoring the site and the security was lax.  In addition, there was no clean backup to be found.

We needed to get them up and running again quickly, so we transferred their domain name to our provider and set up a “Coming Soon” page while we searched for information to enable some form of the original site to be implemented.  The Wayback Machine provided a lot of the information to reconstruct the site.  The client provided us with some new information and a new promotion, and the site was back up and running again in no time.

We installed a premium security plugin and continued to monitor the site for further attempts to hack it.  There were plenty of attempts but none were successful!  The client arranged for the old site to be removed by his previous provider.

We continue to monitor and maintain this site on behalf of the client.